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if you don't keep your expectations too high and don't mind the american propaganda, it's a movie you can enjoy. although there is not much action, i can say that mind games and surprises are enough. as an important criticism, i would have preferred the training sections to be more detailed and longer. while these parts are the places where we need to see the change of the character, it remained superficial.


if you like spy movies like tinker tailor soldier spy that are not action based, but based on intrigue, you will like this one too. but if that movie is 9/10, this movie is 7.5/10. then wow sir, don't come to me because that movie was better.


i'm summarizing the movie guys: don't break your leg or your midwife will get fucked.


--- spoiler --- school number 4 is reminiscent of the lectern of spreading godlessness in when will the sun rise. --- spoilers ---


russians are bad, americans are good, russians help americans when they find the right way. cia is a wolf community that strictly abides by the moral principles.