receivables to be liquidated

receivables to be liquidated

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pursuant to the regulation on the procedures and principles regarding determination of the qualifications of loans and other receivables by banks and provisions to be set aside for these, published in the official gazette dated 01/11/2006 and numbered 26333; it refers to loans and other receivables classified as third, fourth or fifth group by banks and receivables to be liquidated by other financial institutions and loans and receivables followed in accounts receivables in the nature of loss.


in the e-government risk center report, hsbc bank shows 348 tl because of the receivables to be liquidated, yes, i used hsbc at that time, but i don't remember that i had any debt. year 2010 by the way. if anyone knows what this means, can they green it?


(see: legal follow-up)


implied confession of the risk center between 2015-2019: 2015 december - 2.8% 2016 december - 3.5% 2017 december - 3.2% 2018 december - 4.1% 2019 december - 6.0% good deeds

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