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the exam that makes you think from time to time, "i really just lean on this". you will not deal with tus or anything, you will leave the country where you are already hated. (bkz: the people hate doctors)


it has 4 stages: step1- basic sciences step2- clinical sciences step2 csa (clinical skills assessment)- oral step3-clinical (written and oral) it takes about 2 years to pass all these. the first aid series are the holy books of those who are preparing for exams. brs series for basic sciences, blueprints series for clinical sciences are suitable. it is recommended to start preparing before graduating.


for those who are preparing usmle, a wonderful little guide has been prepared in usmer. it is an answer to many people's questions. what can we do in america?


Öss lgs lys, enter whatever the hell is left, in the engineering summer, the end of the tunnel is crap, the medical audition exam america example.