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those who can't create beautiful fairy tales take on the tout of reality.


realism as a knowledge-philosophy (as opposed to instrumentalism), realism as a theory of international relations (as opposed to idealism and liberalism), and realism as a literary movement are different and different things. in that respect, when the concept of realism is not put into context, it becomes unclear what it refers to, creating confusion.


don't worry about it, he says that's what's going the theory of international relations.


if the discipline of international relations is "street fighter", realism is "aduket". there are a lot of characters in the game; each of these characters has a lot of moves, but you can only finish the game by shooting. but there is one thing, this is not widely accepted. they say "he doesn't know the game", they say "he has learned a lot and he doesn't know shit". but as i said, you can still play the game very well with just a duket and even finish it.


is a stream of thought. its emergence dates back to ancient times. the view that it is anti-liberalism is very common. realism defines a person as selfish and power-seeking. people act in pursuit of their own benefit, and that is their main motive. anarchy will occur if people are not controlled under a certain system.


i would rather spend my life close to birds than waste my life wishing to fly. st house md 5th verse 1st verse