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let me tell you the script of the series already. erdal reyiz decides to leave this series and most likely, towards the middle of the season, his character is killed by this heroic soldier and one of the police brothers. after that, it turns out that there is a bigger person behind him. they kill him. then someone bigger gets behind him and they kill him. finally, they bring one of the famous american players to the illuminati. no, it was done, my brother, with all that money and a famous actor, you should have lost a local.


i have a very good suggestion for the screenwriters: all the characters except the uncle and the corpse die in some way, the remaining two of them change their identities and start working at the ankara murder bureau as behzat and vulture. then things happen..


i came across different parts of it two or three times, i watched it for five minutes, i don't know if it always happened to me, but the dialogues consisted of the following: -if the state is in question, it does not even know its brother. -then he doesn't know us either? -if the state is in question, it should not recognize it anyway. -in accordance with the interests of the state... -the state. -state? -the state, of course. -statemisss. -did i say government?


i heard from sources close to the gentleman. --- spoiler --- we will witness the birth of the world state at the end of the series --- spoiler ---


the series that i am happy for erdal beşikçioğlu. finally the man's ass could see a mansion. luxury vehicles, bodyguards, etc. what was my supervisor missing anyway? pouring again. the rest is caterpillar...


too elite for its audience and too shallow for the audience it hopes to target. shame on your money.


after the statement that we will witness the birth of the world state, show me the key points of the tremendous rise of our state.. joking, joking. introductory film of the state of akepe. soap opera. if i watch a few more episodes, as a perpetually confused anatolian voter, i will vote for the light bulb, saying that my state will not fail in 2015. i guess you wouldn't be surprised that it was shown on the channel of the birth group. let's thank you. addendum: erdal reyiz get out of there.


i have never seen such a jump. --- spoiler --- the series, which started with the burgundy bruised operation scene, closed with the summer housekeepers 2014. --- spoilers ---

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