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is it me again? there is nothing that i did not see falling, that again, there is no end to this lesson that broke away, that i came to the world anyway. ... the song of mor ve Ötesi whose words can be sick, written everywhere.. also (see: reincarnation)


amazing song. i can't believe it right now. purple and beyond will make your admiration peak. especially the lyrics in the chorus.


i went and came again, abbreviation that means hello again.


it may be the best song in the past albums of mor ve far. i say this as someone who listens to purple and beyond. just the first sentence he asked "is it me again" is enough. the first 14 seconds of the song are enough to shake the whole inner world. no such thing.


i have a drink, i don't think, i think it's a marvelous song of mor ve Ötesi, which i think is a reference to descartes. (bkz: i think therefore i am)


the song of purple and beyond, which eases my hard falls. while i am asking if it is me who has fallen, i feel relieved when i see the fallen people around, even though it increases my internal bleeding, this song is the canvas waiting for me downstairs.


harun one; in the first part of the song there is a hopelessly exhausted "nothing..." and in the second part of the rebellion "no yooo-oo-oo-oook!!" saying that the song gives its soul and proves its quality; and every fuckin' rock band founder betrays that he can't do this job; a purple and beyond song.


it covers something very specific in french, i will explain it slowly: for example, let's say we are chatting with a french person over the internet or something. then my pee comes, i say i'm going to pee and go. then i come to the computer, i say "hah i'm here". that's where the french bangs the re' with a bang. in short, re: "like the abbreviation of rebonjour, hello again, but it's just like chat or something."