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you said you would say "talk will save this country, but conversation with raki but not tea", rare yellowleg, what would happen if they shut up. good luck to you and love!... http://www.rotahaber.com/…ur-krizi-video,27650.html


someone here said that if there was a tree, it would just stand there for two hours without moving, i would believe it was a tree. i guess it couldn't have been expressed better, because i also believe without a doubt. this man has such a talent that he experiences whatever emotion he wants, and creates whatever reality he wants to create. had he lived in the middle ages and his power had been realized, he would probably have been hanged and burned. love to him from here.


the actress i almost cried looking at one of her old tweets. i love you so much. related tweet: "if god gives me a house with a garden if it happens to me in this world and not in the next world, i will plant honeysuckle, oleaster and linden tree in his garden."


if this person plays the tree in a play, tv show or movie, i think it would be okay if he was a tree for two hours like this. i don't blink my eyes. i believe it is a tree. i believe so in the roles he's in.


no luck with this guy. first (see: istanbul's golds) then (see: i missed it too) and now (see: hijran now for me) respectively, it was taken off the air. dude, that kind of man is playing for free, they can't keep such a quality man on the screen in nonsense series. months later editi: all five brothers went off the air and now they are playing in magnificent corner. i think he'll finally have a solid job. it's good if they don't kill them there after 3 episodes.


he is one of the rare actors who can persecute without hesitation with his other eye, while crying and being devastated with one eye in a series that is on its way to enter the broadcasting history of the country as a work of art. friend, okay, this job has a make-up dimension, the lens is attached, maybe some of the tears have an effect on the make-up, but that expression variability... how dat it! isn't that the reason why the mona lisa slaps the mind of the minister? go in front of the mirror, try it; it cannot be done. rare yellow bean. regards!


the actress who was censored while talking about brotherhood and love in her speech after the award she received at the antalya film festival. the concepts mentioned cannot be tolerated even as words. come on, think about the rest.


i can list my favorite performances as follows: 1. cenk (see: ivy) 2. double (see: february) 3. verse (see: five brothers) 4. levent (see: hibernation) 5. musa (see: remote possibility) 6 . kamil (see: yozgat blues) 7. sincere (see: you light up the night) 8. hussein (see: box office clerk) 9. uncle haji (see: i miss you too) 10.cemal (see: load)