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the medicine that i started to use for reflux as a substitute when the panto started to not help. it didn't help either, but when i take out the tablet, i smell a tremendous beer from the medicine. i don't understand the obvious smell of beer or barley or yeast? but for some reason i like it as soon as i get up in the morning. that's it. i like to evaluate everything from different aspects in life.


a kind of proton pump inhibitor. sold in pill form as 20 mg.


a pill that does not melt in the stomach and passes into the intestine because it is coated on the outside. that's the area he's targeting for treatment. not the stomach. i am a liar of the prospectus.


the medicine prescribed to me by the doctor i went to with my sore throat. when i did not have any symptoms of reflux, what reason could he have written? i'm going to have a nervous breakdown. i'm going because tonsils are swollen, reflux medicine is coming my way.


stomach medicine is obvious but consult your doctor...


as someone who has undergone endoscopy, my dear friend, i found the only solution in himself. i don't know if there is more, but it is really dear, friendly, love.