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his name is pronounced as ramstein. american babies and their lovers may say reamsteyn or something.


i went to their 2010 istanbul concert, i will never forget it. they gave me the best moments of my life. when i came home the next morning, my father had applied muscle relaxant cream for my stiff neck with his own hands. it was one of our most intimate moments with my father. after that, we could only experience such sincerity during my father's funeral prayer. he nudged me a little with his arm to get in line. thanks rammstein.


his name is ramstayn in german, ramstayn in english, it's pronounced as pimps by my father.


it may be pronounced as ramstayn in english, but this group is a german group. that's why you insist on saying ramştayn despite the einsteins.


industrial metal band that the media regularly sends to eurovision on behalf of germany every year. no one says either; but that if these guys participated in eurovision, the stage would not end up being mahne, the whole place would be ashes.


the group that shouted "deutschland deutschland über allen" to thousands of russians in the heart of moscow only 65 years after the second world war. big business is not something to be taken lightly. note: you are constantly texting, not allen, but alles. do you think i may have misunderstood this line of deutschlandlied, friends? rammstein song in deutschland, this line is called "deutschland deutschland über allen".


little known german metal band. they have a song called du hast on deep video site. this younger brother named flake has a job. walks. (bkz: keep walking doctor)