ramadan kadirov

ramadan kadirov

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the pro-russian mafia-like president, who is disliked by the people of chechnya, who likes to have dog fights even in front of foreign tv crews and to feed animals such as bears, lions, tigers in the garden of his pool villa.


he is the youngest dictator in the world who raises a toast by saying takbir


http://www.ensonhaber.com/…uk-parti-2011-10-07.html "where does this money come from?" he answered the question "god gives". god can only give you trouble, you bastard. such a person must be the worst thing that can happen to a nation. and they just reported on television that "grozny, which was in ruins years ago, is now like a metropolis", which is a feast for the houses.


it looks like the guys who own a buffet in a busy place. without mercy.


i don't know his name, but he is one of those greedy, arrogant, destitute people who exploit his poor people in that geography, like a strange children's game that comes out of another hole when he puts it on his head with the mallet i witnessed in amusement parks.


son of ahmed kadyrov. he came to power after the insurgents who killed his father blew up about 100 kg of explosives in the stadium.