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between the radio channels, the "single" frequency, which took my ear, started to recite the azan in arabic, which created a traumatic effect. the text i saw when i entered their site sat like a stone. tr radio is dead money mi.


--- spoiler --- not advertising --- spoiler --- the platform that made me love radio. he plays every style i enjoy. they have an incredibly wide spectrum, from reggae to electronics. especially if you are going on a long journey by car and you do not know what to listen to,


we are living the story of a country going backwards. whatever is of good quality is either gone, destroyed, or digested. also, are we arab? edit: i couldn't take my anger, come on babylon stopped broadcasting due to lack of money. what is the arabic broadcast right after? same thing happened after rock fm. likewise, the pirate who broadcast does not even have a name. the love of arab you know. you know, he doesn't even have a cloak anymore to show sticks. we will take that stick and touch your subliminal points for a while.


it makes istanbul feel like a global metropolis. that there is someone who understands art and quality somewhere in this city; it reminds me that the whole city isn't just fucking e5 and all the houses and bridges around it. e5, houses, tem, bridges, shopping malls, viaducts... they are all constructions that were produced only with money and the motive of existence, i can't even say construction, they are all finished...


it was registered at number 1 in my vehicle, its place remained empty.


one of the few things that make istanbul beautiful. when free radio was taken from us, rockfm surrendered to bigotry with their own hands; together with the radio axis and open radio, the savior in istanbul, which is concrete and crowded, beautifies the city, makes the sun brighter, and makes travels tolerable on the metrobus, where you can't even find a place to sit or stand.


(see: radio axis) and it was the radio i listened to all the time. it has been on the air for ten years, i discovered it too late, it went away without getting enough. if only it had stayed online.