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skunk flavored cheese, the smell of which makes me unable to eat anything for at least an hour. it is the only fragrance that will make me unique even the fragrance of kokorec or cauliflower.
it is true that his own scent loses its effect after the runway. however, it eats the pork (oven, microwave, etc.) and continues to smell.


a) a swiss cheese
b) the name given to a traditional dish made of this cheese
c) the name given to the grill used to make this dish.
now let's use all these definitions in sentence:
the top of the "paddle grid" is flat, with small beads underneath. while the salami / sausage / thin meat is thickened on the flat grill, the "raklet cheese" present in the bullets inserted into the bottom drawer is helmed with the temperature of the above grill. the delicious "raclet meal" is prepared by first putting a slice of the meat varieties cooked in the top grill on potatoes or slices of bread, then pouring the melted cheese in the lower beads over it with the help of a wooden spatula.


a meal that should not be accompanied by beer. you can't get up from the table, if you pile up like a potato sack, mazaallah.


before cooking the cheese does not come out with its smell when it is cold, the smell of it scares the house, "ohh, it does not smell!" this is the food that you can see the scent absorbing everywhere when you come back home after gathering up and coming out. it is the reason to constantly smell yourself "i wonder if i smell too ?!" he. by frying salami, slices of mushrooms and onion on the grill while cheeses are melting, then placing melted cheese on top of it can change the opinion of people who are strongly against making it at home because of its smell.


both the dish itself and the cheese used for this dish got its names from the old style tool called the spade-shaped raclette, which used to scrape the melted part of the cheese. the word raclette comes from the verb racler, which means to scrape in french. it is recommended to drink white wine, tea or herbal tea to facilitate digestion.


the grill brought to us during a visit in belgium, which made us say “god will be a crazy meal”, is the name of the dish that creates disappointment on that grill. if you can stand the smell of it, go and faint dozens of new currencies in the mövenpics. i will not eat here if you pay for it.


a delicious meal that takes the taster above the clouds with a combination of raclette cheese melted on boiled potatoes, small onion and pickled corn, bratwurst.