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i'm listening to 1,2,3 soleils works with khaled and faudel again on a long road. i am closing my eyes. i'm shooting free clips in my head again. i couldn't listen to you while i was alive. some things are proof that you shouldn't delay. i write in a messy and messy head. like the rhythm of the music. have mercy.


look, if you find it, bring it. this was mine but i lost it a while ago. attached i am attaching a few photos: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/…q/tk_6lgos5uo/s400/69.jpg http://francoislepage.blogspirit.com/…d taha tr.jpg http://www. independent.co.uk/…hid_taha__259057a.jpg one of the most handsome and ugly quota, it has a place in my harem.


he was the owner of the first foreign tape i bought. whether it's ida, barra barra or valencia, they had wonderful songs. the other day, when i looked to see if he had done anything new on spotify, i saw that he hadn't released a new album for a long time. it's sad that he said goodbye at a very early age.


she took the stage in the 1998 the beauty pageant. ricky martin was among the guests that same night. when ricky martin took the stage, he said "good evening the country" and got a great applause, while rashid taha said "selam aleykum istanbul" but he did not get the same enthusiastic response from the audience and guests that filled lutfi kirdar.


he was a person with a beautiful voice as well. rest in peace . we will miss you rachid :(