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quitting antidepressants

the dose is decreased gradually, gradually, gradually extending the time interval of taking the drug over a long period of time. each new situation can take up to 1 week. for example: 3/4 doses every other day in the 1st week, 1/2 dose every three days in the 2nd week. it is helpful to make a written chart.
the method is valid not only for depression medications, but also for different medications that are taken continuously but need to be stopped.


quitting antidepressants

it should never be left with the (see: cold turkey) method. it should definitely be reduced and left with the doctor's advice.

edit: especially the discontinuation of drugs such as xanax can cause delirium. you have to be very careful or it can pay a big price.


quitting antidepressants

leaving this zikk is as serious as starting if it is absolutely necessary to leave it under the control of a doctor or even go to a psychologist, one should go to a psychologist and not suddenly drop the dose and go slowly, did i say doctor control?


quitting antidepressants

it is an action that should not be performed by cutting it at once without reducing the dose.

if possible, it should be left under doctor follow-up


quitting antidepressants

nowadays, the method is ziken. my dear friend stopped using antidepressants according to his head. i can't keep up with his imbalance. always struggling to fight. gets angry with the smallest things. the most annoying part is that he is developing new fighting methods saying "you used to get angry with this behavior, you don't get mad at me because i quit the antidepressant". how many days will my friend spend these side effects ???


quitting antidepressants

when you suddenly quit, at first you say "why did i use it, everything is so good, i am very good", after a while you hit the wall.

it is an action that should be performed under the supervision of a doctor.


quitting antidepressants

after using cipralex and then starting xanax with the doctor's decision, it turned me into a person who never got out of bed, always ate jeep at home, made pizza films in the evenings, did not care about school, i used it for 4-5 months, forgot to take it one day, i stumbled at school because of severe dizziness and i rolled 2 layers. i hit my head hard, my dizziness continued for 1 week, and finally i was hospitalized. on the day i was discharged from the hospital, i collapsed to the ground 5 minutes after i said "i'm fine" to the doctor. my psychiatrist stopped the drug with a 1-month program saying that we immediately stop taking the drug. it has been about 20 days now. my old head has come back to me, my old self-righteous state, i feel angry and reverted to my dominant character, but in this 8-month period, i have messed up so many things because of my carelessness that now i try to get them together ...


quitting antidepressants

it's like removing the support wheels after learning how to ride a bike. if the time has come, you will continue to ride the bike, if not, you will fall, it will hurt a little.

or one day you run out of medicine and you are too lazy to buy a new one. whatever way, you get rid of the artificiality of using chemicals.


quitting antidepressants

it has been one of the things i wanted most recently. i quit three days ago by reducing the dosage regularly for two months. but i have dreams with lots of attraction. i cannot wake up in the morning, i do not remember the actions of those who tried to wake me up and the reactions i gave to them, i don't remember what i said, if it was a state secret, i would cry, and when i got up, i could not wake up. i sleep 3-5 hours in total. my brain is running very fast, i think a lot of disconnected things at the same time. also, the hands that write this entry are trembling at a magnitude of 7.9. as far as i can see there are those who experience these symptoms. no stop keep going

edit: let's not forget the headache that hit the neck.


quitting antidepressants

remembering everything that happened 20 years ago in hd quality, it makes you forget what you read before you go to bed, what you wrote, what you did 10 minutes ago. make you forget so much that you forget why you forgot, you run to the doctor for the diagnosis of alzeihmer. there are some effeksor that you are dealing with to get the halbuse off your collar.


quitting antidepressants

if you leave this mother fuckin 'shit like me (and a couple of times), you are 100 percent likely to see your mother's pussy upside down. with its effects such as extreme irritability, emotionalism, dizziness, suicidal desire, etc., it makes people experience hell, so if you love yourself, let go slowly.


quitting antidepressants

assuming that you started according to the doctor's advice (!) with the advice (!), it doesn't hit the bottom even if it happens, oh well it's over, it's nice everything will end wonderfully


quitting antidepressants

summary of the event,

do not do anything according to your mind without consulting your doctor who prescribed your medicine. antidepressant and derivative drugs; they are the group of drugs that should be started and discontinued gradually under the supervision of a doctor, otherwise they may have serious side effects.


quitting antidepressants

deprivation ahhh how tired you are, the earth slips from under your feet, withdraws, the feeling of evil, every once in a while the heart thumps, but don't give up; it has been a long time since i left my mother, now we are fighting for cipralex, we have left 10 days behind, we are doing well except for crying attacks.


quitting antidepressants

i would never have thought of going to this title and writing something. life sometimes makes what you say is impossible.
maybe the universe maybe god maybe fire maybe this maybe none;
you are just by an ordinary coincidence reading what i have written now.
i started using it three months ago. my life was going so bad. i feel that i do not have the power to do things that i am not in control of, the injustices i have suffered, the things i want so much, my father ...
yes i think the strongest reason: my father.
for whatever reason. i looked for the remedy with an external reinforcement.
i don't know if you say placebo effect. but i thought i was feeling good, despite all the side effects.
i was unresponsive. i was calm i was having explosions from time to time. it was taking a short time. was passing.
if i didn't take the medicine one day, it was going to be bad.
however, antidepressants are drugs that directly affect hormones. it can be kept in blood for up to three days. i mean, if you don't take it one day, it is not possible to feel the effect immediately.
do you know what is the only benefit it provides?
seeing initiative from people around you for a certain period of time.
how do you say so, let me explain.
you openly declare your weakness by using those drugs. as the other party knows this, he swallows nine out of his ten sentences, saying he is now taking drugs.
beautiful person i will not extend.
what you call an antidepressant alienates you from yourself.
the sentences swallowed by the people around them, after a while, alienate the other person from you and make them insincere.
it makes you ignore your potential.
weakens. it undermines the survival instinct.
prevents you from fighting.
i stopped using antidepressants today.
i quit suddenly, yes. i even stopped knowing that quitting suddenly would have all the side effects.
at the moment, i do not mind neither nausea nor dizziness nor heart palpitations.
i know it will pass.
yes; the key word is my friend, friend, brother!
will pass!
just learn to strive.
just resist to survive.
do not forget this;
you are alone in this life. don't wait for a hand to raise you when you fall.
don't need another hand to get up.
it could be a human or a medicine.
you are strong
realize yourself.
why am i writing these?
to experience the same processes as me. so that you do not have to take three or four months to understand them.
if you're at the beginning, let it be before it's too late!


quitting antidepressants

don't cut it like that. for example, if you are taking a 100 mg drug twice a day and you think you are getting better and you are now recovering, adjust the dose for at least fifteen days. if you are taking 100 mg in the morning and 100 mg in the evening, take 100 mg in the morning and 75 mg in the evening, adjust the dose again after fifteen days. continue like this and do not stop the drug dose suddenly when it is at a minimum. take it every 2 days and lower it over time. if the disease does not occur, you have gotten rid of the medication and responded to the treatment. if the antidepressant you are using is very strong, after you do it as i said, pass a mild antidepressant and use it for a while and stop it by adjusting the dose. otherwise the disease will recur and you will think that you are addicted to the drug and you will start taking the drug. this is not an addiction.


quitting antidepressants

an intense brain function comes first. you feel like your brain is working harder and you can't keep up. then when you use antidepressants, you come out of the split personality you experience and you feel like you are communicating with the real you, your brain and you become one structure. then you realize that your life is starting to go wrong and you go to the doctor. you start back on the medication with twice the dosage you left off


quitting antidepressants

i have been drinking half a dose for 4 days ... unfortunately, i am experiencing all of the previous articles, sudden dizziness, extreme irritability and very quick irritation. soon i will burn the house and cut myself that kind of deprivation .. god will not make anyone experience addiction


quitting antidepressants

i smell spring for the first time in years. it was so beautiful i can't believe it. the flowers smell of honey, everywhere they smell lush and green. i am experiencing spring feelings that i have not experienced in years and feel again that i am a human (animal). the scents, the colors, the feeling of the warm wind on my skin, the sounds of birds and insects are so fascinating. i lived like empty straw for years, i understood it. luckily i could quit. i'm slowly reclaiming what i've lost in my life, just more cautious, pissed off, and dignified this time.

note: i started under doctor's control and left it under doctor's control.


quitting antidepressants

it is a wrong move if it is not done under the doctor's control, by the doctor's decision.

i left it, because of family pressure, i thought i was healing, and because my liver enzymes were going towards liver failure, because antidepressants didn't work, i was taking the highest dose of two antidepressants at the same time.

what happened then? i felt good for a while. until a day when i was down at work. then down the abyss. i'm back to the mood i started, depressed, praying to be but not daring to do it. i could not go to the doctor again, both because of the liver and because the psychological support was not included in my insurance, and the workplace did not pay me six months. i started to read psychological support books, it was good, i learned to control my mood, then there was an event at work that would depress me again, i saw the bottoms again, i wished to be back.

if you are insured and cover the treatment, if you feel suicidal, be sure to go to a doctor.

me? even if i survive, i go back to saying water is life. my only hope was to graduate in life and he was to graduate, i appointed my boss at my workplace as my advisor, now he sulks me, they say i will give money and i have not received money for six seven months. and they keep giving errands unrelated to my thesis. i'm silent, i say the footwork is not important, but now i learn that there is a possibility that they will ruin a project like calf. i don't. as a matter of fact, it is still nice to live. i will not kill myself, the worst possibility is that i will fuck your diploma, i will pack my bag and return to the koye, the mandira philosopher, i live life, everyone we met said, "why did you leave the doctor, oh sorry, he went to cope for five years".


quitting antidepressants

i recommend gradually reducing the dosage and stopping by taking omega 3 supplements. this significantly reduces withdrawal symptoms.


quitting antidepressants

antidepressant drugs are perhaps one of the most dangerous drugs. because it interferes with the brain.

in addition to helping regulate serotonin secretion, they also bring many side effects. remember, the brain is an enormous organ, including itself, that controls every organ of the body.

if it is not started by a friend while starting, the doctor will warn you. in the first week or two, change from low dose to full dose.

the desired effect is achieved in an average of 6 months. if it is desired to quit, the situation is repeated when initiated, reduced to half a dose and continued for 2 weeks. for example, if someone stops drinking for 2 days, he feels like an electric shock in a sudden movement, sweating increases, stress rises.

such drugs, like i took it, are not healed. he is.

and your doctor must be a good doctor. a doctor who knows this subject like a psychologist. should not be an orthopedic doctor like my mother's doctor. aunt sends the author saying that i am very bored, i can not sleep when asked if you have any other problems.

do not leave without asking your doctor.

another solution is, after you stop taking this drug, listen to your favorite music, see sunlight and stroll through the green areas. let go of the things that reduce your joy and stress and turn to the things that increase it.

remember, most things in nature are better than antidepressants.


quitting antidepressants

it should be stopped by reducing the dose under the supervision of a doctor. if you leave it in your mind, things can get a little difficult for you.


quitting antidepressants

means entering a difficult period. if the dose is not left, sudden dizziness, tinnitus, rapid flare and extreme irritability may occur. once the dose is released, these things will be less. i just remember that when i quit i was very nervous and had tinnitus problems. *


quitting antidepressants

action that needs to be done slowly for efexor and paxil.


quitting antidepressants

if your life has changed during use and the conditions have improved, you can overcome withdrawal syndromes and say hello to a life without medication. there has been no change or if you are depressed you cannot quit the antidepressant. after you break your relationship for a few months, you will knock on the doctor uncle's door again.

you have looked like this past months, years.


quitting antidepressants

there is a way to start or stop taking medication. unfortunately, you cannot do it according to your mind. i tried to quit myself, and my body's reactions became worse than my illness. if you intend to quit, you will go to your doctor, if he understands that you are in the consistency of leaving you by measuring and reaping, he will cut you slowly, because this illness is not left. do not work on your own mind. a little advice from me.

by the way, do not disrupt your treatment with the information you hear around. i am someone who uses 4 drugs in the morning and 4 in the evening. i use 2 different depressants. it does not make me robots, etc. i am known as a very active person around me. it is a bit of a body issue.


quitting antidepressants

one ends everything in their own head. you are addicted to antideprasana or nothing will end unless you want it to a person or a pain.


quitting antidepressants

i've been working for months to do this. while i was going very well with psychotherapy in addition to regular doctor visits, i fell victim to my dynamic life and something started to go wrong in my brain again. when i was at the minimum dose and lived and went hoping that i would be completely clean after two months at the most, i also saw that i am not well. my doctor temporarily increased the dose. i'm so much better now. so what is it, if you need it, you will use it. just as heart or diabetic patients cannot decide one day and say that i do not need these drugs, we cannot stop the antidepressant because i no longer need it. life is full of surprises.


quitting antidepressants

first i tried to leave it on my mind. i have been using 100 mg lustral for the last 1 and a half years. this brought me a +10 kg bonus as well as not caring for anything and not crying. despite taking medication, i tried to leave it in my mind for a period when my unstable states were repeated from time to time. at a time, without dose reduction. i took it again a few days later when i had severe headaches and nausea. i did not drink again for a few days, then i took it again, and then it was body licking. i decided to go to my psychiatrist again when my brain started to ache as if someone were inserting a screwdriver and turning it. my doctor wanted to quit before, but i was not ready because i was afraid of going back to my old self.

first we reduced the dose, then i reduced it to half a pill for 15 days and finally continued to take it every other day for 1 month.

now i am in the days when i quit completely, and there can be no such torture. sudden attacks of crying, hand tremors and returning migraines. the constant inner distress and signals of my social anxiety coming back, little by little. now when i appear in front of the crowd, my face gets hot again and again. on the one hand, i want to be able to live without being dependent on anything while thinking about whether i should drink medicine forever. nightmares started again every night.

the drug withdrawal process has so many side effects and is about to discourage it that i am open to the messages of those who know alternative solutions.

edit dated 2020:
i felt the need to add as there were many messages about this entry. my first quit in 2016 didn't work. i used it again after time passed and left it again in 2020. let me state in advance that i am not a doctor. but when i compare my first experience with the current one, i want to explain the difference. this doctor kept the quitting process longer than the first one. after dropping 25 mg pill every 2 days, then every 3 days etc. saying, i quit the drug in 2 months. i continued psychotherapy. it's not just medication. i did not suffer from a deprivation crisis. i only had nausea. i experienced migraine attacks and vomiting for 3 weeks after quitting. now it's all gone. i am healthier i continue psychotherapy. i did not start the medication again, even though i had stomach it is necessary to wait a bit. after all, we play with our chemical structure. don't give up. we can live without medication.


quitting antidepressants

i used one of these damn drugs (see misol) for 1 year and left it under doctor's control 5 days ago. maybe it will sound ridiculous, but i can swear that electrical waves have been circulating in my body for 2-3 days. i am sure that if i touch the 100 watt light bulb just as it moves towards my fingertips, i will burn it for at least 5 minutes. i haven't tried it until now, but if i try and succeed, i will.


quitting antidepressants

normal result if you followed your treatment carefully. but it is not something you can decide and do on your own. must be under doctor's control. you will continue the life comfort you have already reached with your treatment without medication. that's the thing. don't listen to the hearsay antidepressant romantics that dramatize the event.


quitting antidepressants

if you use a psychiatrist as appropriate, use it, the simplest thing can go as far as committing suicide when some people do not use antidepressants, you should pay attention to this when deciding to quit.

for example, i have never used antidepressants as a medicine until now, but i do not hesitate to use it if it is deemed necessary after an extreme traumatic event.

on the other hand, i have always thought that sometimes the depressions we experience are necessary because depression has an aspect that forces us to make changes in our lives, nobody tries to change things when they are happy. that's why, for example, i try not to run and exercise all the time because whenever i run it makes me feel extremely good, it makes me think that everything is great, whereas it is not, it makes me illusive about my own life.


quitting antidepressants

hard work.

i am in the phase of quitting by reducing the antidepressant i use for fibromyalgia. as i move, constant electrification occurs in my body. i hope they will disappear in time, otherwise i will not go back to medicine.


quitting antidepressants

as the snails grow, they throw the shells in which they are stuck and produce a new and larger shell for themselves.

if they too used antidepressants when they got stuck, they probably would never have improved.

(see: abraham twerski)


quitting antidepressants

after 5 years, i decided to quit for sure. i am entering the 5th day. in the absence of medication, i am struggling with dizziness, desire to disappear, involuntary restlessness. but this time i will resist. whatever the outcome, i will get out of that shit that i am no different from a robot, where i cannot think, develop or come to a conclusion. ha hero or mero.


quitting antidepressants

if you leave it on your own head, you will be bumpy, it is recommended to quit if you are really ready with the doctor's advice.


quitting antidepressants

after a week of quitting (selectra 100mg) i started again after realizing that i lost my pussy (dizziness fibromyalgia symptoms electric shock usually physical signs) and i will never stop it again without asking the doctor.


quitting antidepressants

i used it for 20 years, i had a break in between, i quit by reducing it.

i did not take medicine for 6 weeks, abstinence or something lasts for a week at most.

then i had an incident, i was very sorry. i said that i will not start again, people who do not use drugs experience such things, i said that i will get over it just as they do.

what happened

i myself could not recognize me without medicine, i was officially unfamiliar with myself. dozens of crying spells, i couldn't stop my tears, i'm a bad person, feeling like i can't do anything, etc.
i started again, i'm fine now i miss not wearing anything.
in these 20 years, my character has changed with the drug or i was nothing without medication. however, i was very happy when i quit the drug until a small wave came and knocked me over.

i didn't love the real me, i couldn't do it with the real me and unfortunately i started again.


quitting antidepressants

do not start the medication according to your mind and stop the medication.
don't be fooled to stop taking antidepressants, especially suddenly.
do not listen to what is written here.
consult him or her who started you medication.


quitting antidepressants

people think every drug is a parol. some drugs start to act within weeks and should not fall below a certain level in the blood. corticosteroid drugs called cortisone among the people, ssri and snri group antidepressants, drugs, cigarettes and drugs used in the treatment of drug addiction are the simplest examples of these.

you cannot start a full dose of any of these drugs in one day. your body establishes a new balance in its drug-free and medicated states and if you break it suddenly, you will experience serious side effects.

in this case, the fault is not in the medicine, but in your irresponsibility.

definition: it is a process that should take place between 2-8 weeks under doctor's control and depending on the duration of use of the drug.


quitting antidepressants

i give a definite description for those who leave antidepressants.
half a dose per day for 2 weeks (break the pill and take half)
Quarter for 1 week,
after a quarter in 3-4 days, there is no withdrawal symptom, continue this for 2 weeks and leave it completely.
there is a possibility to get rid of it in a month or so, there is no reason for it to work for everyone, but it is worth a try.
in this way, i ended my 6-month lethargic life. i send my deepest greetings from here to the doctor who got me into this shit when i go just for insomnia and stress, god damn you. he advertised the drug without listening, you will be good, you will be good like this, ulan, i don't even know what's going on around me for 6 months. anyway thank goodness ...


quitting antidepressants

i have been using it continuously for 2 years and i have used it for 10 years from time to time. i was not a fan of quitting suddenly, but when i was done, i quit saying it is time to completely remove it from my life. i have not been drinking for 2 weeks. fortunately, i didn't see much of an effect except that it stretched me too much while driving. on the contrary, i faced the problems that i was carrying under the carpet. i hope it will continue and its positive aspects. i do not mislead anyone from here, it is better to leave it slowly.


quitting antidepressants

as if my constant dizziness was not enough, now i started to have crises. i am cold first; my hands, my arms, my neck .. i'm very cold man. then i'm shaking. something inside me is like dancing or floating on the wave. it becomes more noticeable when in bed; while i feel like i fell into emptiness, not being able to comprehend what is going on inside me makes me very nervous and disturbed. i can not sleep. the inside of my head is also a poison spring. i have never felt so helpless, and i have never sought refuge in death. okay, there were those shitty thoughts every now and then, but they passed. it was medication, i was consoling myself, or trying not to care and succeeding. but this is the first time it's clear, sharp and not passing. there is a cliff at the end of the road, and i feel like i'm heading for the abyss at full speed, although i saw that cliff and knew i would fall. i am aware of this and i cannot break the steering wheel. i do not know how it will be, the authors of my dear code. i want to write for hours, i'll go crazy if i don't. read it, take a lesson. be good to yourself, fuck you, but don't hurt your soul. is there anything as shitty as the pity of one's soul? every soul is precious. your teeth rot, your flesh is bruised, you don't care, it doesn't. but is the soul so? a world made of you just from you ... whatever happens; the only you experience the pain and the joy.


quitting antidepressants

it is necessary to ask the doctor before you quit. you will not be left suddenly, you will be stunned, you can gradually reduce it.


quitting antidepressants

25 days ago, i entered the quit process with the doctor's approval. of course, it is done by reducing the dose. after the first 10 days, after half + quarter, my appetite decreased. loss of appetite is not a problem because i gained 10 kg in two years after i started using the drug. i continued as half a dose for the second 10 days. during this period, her appetite returned to pre-medication and this situation made her happy. however, i am now split in the third 10 days, the electrification in my head, the unspeaking of the words when i am going to speak - which i am quite chattering - and the dizziness started constantly. if you ask what you have been doing for five days, i cannot answer. i am wandering dizzy. most likely it will continue until the last 10 days. i will take a quarter dose every other day for the last 10 days. then i'll quit completely.

however, this medicine that made me concussion at this time of the night, i will stop completely by tomorrow. i'm quitting, supposedly, slowly, in accordance with the doctor's recommendation. if the direct quit also suffers from the same complaints; either psychiatrists are shaking us or there is something wrong with this. of course, i know that everyone is different. anyway, on this occasion, i remind you once again that i am the king of spain, and convey my love to all psychiatrists.


quitting antidepressants

is the situation i'm trying to deal with. i have been using it for 7 months, i have not been drinking for 2 weeks. my head is like a hoof. the air is heavy like bullet in my head. my head has a short but often severe pain. dizziness started to increase for 2 days. i have little tolerance, i am aggressive but i try to be positive. my behavior started to get harsh and sharp.