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purple shampoo

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hated my hair when it turned ashy after i dyed it. i started using purple shampoo with the advice of a friend. every time i use it, my hair feels like the first day i dyed it. it's seriously awesome.


the shampoo that i discovered after i had gray ombre ! the shampoo is seriously purple by the way. so it looks like a huge ballpoint pen is taking a shower.


this was the shampoo that confused me.


shampoo that turns my hair blue-purple when i leave it on too long. if you keep it in the setting, it gives grayness.


shampoo used by white-haired people to remove the orangeness that appears in their hair over time. at the same time, blondes use it to fade the color of the hair. after 3 washes, it starts to turn the hair white. however, when it reaches the saturation point, the hair may start to turn purple. this must be the reason why the gray hair fashion that has emerged recently has been gradually replaced by purplish gray hair. edit: it dries too much, makes it hard. cream is required. but i would recommend not using it completely. because it made my hair fall out excessively.


shampoo that makes my hair extremely hard. while rinsing, my hair got tangled up, it seemed to go back to normal when i said conditioner and care oil to open it.


used elseve's, it's useless. i'm using urban care's purple shampoo right now, i'm really satisfied sir, it doesn't dry the hair either.


do not exaggerate the dose and holding time, 3-4 minutes is enough. a good product to get rid of the rawness of blond hair.