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the creature who has not had his share of humanity, who said in his interview, 'i commit all kinds of crimes in underdeveloped countries, but the punishment is less.' source woe to you.


he is a murderer. dishonest, dishonorable waste of offspring. is not male; therefore, he is not human either. it is a parasite that consumes the oxygen and water of this country, it must be culled(did). i repeat: he is a murderer. is the killer.


unfortunately, the murderer who is flattered with cotton in our country. a documentary was made, interviews were made, he became famous, and he did an abomination again. in perversion now.


a murderer who spent 7 months on the charge of murder at the time. now he's been arrested for sexual abuse of a young child. anyway, it will tear it apart. (bkz: the country's need for dexter)


the fact that a woman who says "god forgive all your servants, i won't forgive her" repeatedly forgave such a despicable man is an example of how life is lived in at least three acts of tragedies...


singer bergen's face is the doctor/doken (i don't know exactly), then her ex-husband who kidnapped her and put her on her course. now he is free, he has a textile shop in adana. (bkz: woman of pain bergen)


after his interview, i understood so clearly that he would commit a crime again.. am i the only one who understands as a common citizen.. dishonest dishonest dishonest, pimp abused 4 children. drive until the eunuch is upheld, i hope your great power that you call manhood will be ended with a eunuch, godless, characterless.