pucca was sentenced to seven years in prison.

pucca was sentenced to seven years in prison.

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how can you be so unscrupulous to say i hope a woman with a child will go to jail? what's wrong with that boy? how can you ignore people who have a lot of tweets who are praising fetö, and punish a person for 7 years with a single tweet?


let the dramas of neighborhood brothers who sell drugs or mafia types come out first in the ratings every week, but okay? let the guns go off or something but every episode, please. there is no problem with them... because with a single tweet, children can envy; they are never affected by what they see or hear. but a tweet is important..


internet phenomenon named pucca and writer escobar was sentenced to seven years in prison for his tweet. you like, you don't like. this is hell for those who have an idea for this country, and heaven for those who beat women, rapists, thieves and swindlers. in our country, the law punishes ideas more than abusers. we could not ignore the drug dealer, whom we have complained many times, to the seven-year sentence that pucca received for encouraging drugs. the man says he is addicted, he is a drinker and he is not punished pucca


there is a beautiful saying in our borla (goca moğla): "they took the eye of the beholder, but they didn't take the dick of the fucker." that is, it says: "the one who commits dishonor is not punished as much as the one who sees or speaks." edit: feminists came to my inbox with discourses such as "masculine language, sexism" even in this folk saying, i swear you will not prosper.


i'm tempted by those pucca kimchi too. son, isn't this a platform where you can write your ideas? i don't know who is pucca, but i'm not writing who is pucca. if you're asking who it is, you have no idea. fuck off, write your idea in the title.


hande*, a very old friend and lawyer of mine, has a tweet that he pinned to his page just after 15 july. whenever i see news like this, i think of it. he says: "someone constantly asks me if this is legal, is there a legal basis for this, can they do it. no. no. they do."


i look at the reason, you know, you have to be an idiot or something to present them as a reason. i don't know who are the judges and prosecutors who understand "i fell into a drug trap again" and present it as "heyoo"