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they are bot bot.


it is a game that real pubg players should not come to please. we want to come from work and play for 1-2 hours and clear our head. who can shoot super spray with real pubg like you. i don't know how many hundred hours experienced types should come and do ego masturbation and turn us off. ok here you are great go play real pubg.


game that is not played because of some the çomars. they don't wear headphones, they listen to the sound of the whole internet cafe, they either don't know what it is or they swear. don't loot that chest or i will kill you, i will drive the car or i will kill you, give me a bullet or i will kill you, you stole my clay i will kill you, you didn't wait for me, you drove away and i will kill you. there are men around you, you are fighting, they shout in your ear, get me up. other than that, nice game, it flows like oil.


i just don't understand these bots coming to you. i guess we play the game in places like al-bab and afrin, not in erangel or miramar.


there is wind and rain in steam pubg, you go there. this is lite, a version made for low systems. when we say it is rain, fog, trees swaying in the wind, what do we understand from that? what's the point of lite event?


i'm so sorry, but a gun can't really bounce that much, damn it. no matter what setting you make, no matter what add-on you use, there is no possibility to shoot fast. the gun is doing a backflip, it will officially turn 360 degrees, if not ashamed. the moment you fight hand to hand with the man, the second bullet goes 1 meter above the man, if you start squeezing from the feet, the 3rd bullet will bounce off his head.