psychological shortness of breath

psychological shortness of breath

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i was thinking if it was just me, now i'm relieved. high fever etc. otherwise, i think you shouldn't thread too much.


it's a problem i've had over the years. like the friend who opened the thread, all my tests come out clean. sometimes i don't experience this situation for months. sometimes i am out of breath for 15 to 20 days, i can't fall asleep because i can't breathe. as you can guess, the reason i came to the title is that i haven't been able to breathe for the last 1 week.


(see: panic attack) signal goes to your brain that you can't breathe and your bronchi expand (see: shortness of breath) you only suffer, in fact, the oxygen you take is enough. do not come to this game of your brain.


anxiety drugs or tranquilizers are the only cure, they make it as bad as asthma, get well soon to those who suffer


i read and started to have shortness of breath


i haven't had any problems until now, but today, i had a tightness in my chest, a situation where i couldn't breathe. since the evening hours, i feel a pressure on my rib cage. oddly enough, this badtrip also coughs occasionally. i would never have been like this, have i become very sick or really sick and i think it's psychological, i can't get out of it. i've been following the news and social media for days now, i think i'm under the influence. so, i hope so.