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psychological counselor

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we are a refuge for students at school. please be aware of this, do not judge, do not separate, always keep your door open.


contrary to popular belief, unlike psychologists and psychiatrists, professional psychological support specialists, who prefer to call the person who requests counseling service as a client rather than a patient, cannot do their job well unless they accept the person as they are, and whose profession is "helping the individual to help himself/herself". .


kind of diving instructor. it helps the client to go down to the deepest parts of the iceberg that he knows but cannot see, and looks from the bottom up* over time, while always looking from the top to the bottom* before.


let me try to explain your situation in front of him with turgut warning lines: "i'm human, these worries will pass too. - i lied. it won't pass, it will change"* you may find yourself saying (=