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propitious moment

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a symmetric array


it's a tv series that i really enjoy watching. was rather. it was a series. it had a very unique script. we liked it a lot. since they were affiliated with the same company as the valley, and at that time he went for the valley, he did not go, he did not go, it was over. it remained as one of the series that was very unfortunate. when leyla and mecnun were removed, this series came to my mind first for some reason. i was also upset when it went off air, i guess that's why.


the moment when what is wanted from life is taken..


set of words that describe periods of time when a person is in a good mood, is willing.


in the first episode commercials, this is the series that i'm addicted to, even though i'm addicted to it. there are many aspects of the series worth watching. it was acting, it was the dialogues with settled words, it was humor, drama, nostalgia. all of them are present. however, the series came to twenty-odd episodes, but more than 60 articles were entered. the people of my homeland who didn't show even one-tenth of the interest shown in the foliage pempe series.


(see happy hour)


my grandmother used to say that people have a donkey watch and an ashraf watch, she would add that you can start softly and do most things you want, people would be more understanding and milder at this hour