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loss of libido was clearly noticed 3 weeks after i started using it. i had to quit when i couldn't see any benefit in the hair yet. but after 3-4 days of quitting, everything was back to its original state. the only benefit of taking the drug was realizing that there are more important things in life than hair.


the high point of the event, which you can easily get over cheaply by asking an elderly person you know and having proscar on their prescription. divide 5, was it difficult, divide 4 comfortably use. 1 box of proscar comes out of 4 boxes of it, get high.


it's the one i've been using for about two months. i can say that before the drug my libido was lower. now, masha'allah, dreams, constant entanglement and such. is there something wrong with this, i don't understand it but.


it is a drug that you will start to see after the 9th month, with its benefits and side effects. therefore, i have been using it for 1 week, i have no place anymore, i have been using it for 2 months now, i started looking for bras in the market, and comments like that should not be trusted.


if you can afford to use it for a lifetime, it is a drug that produces a lot of hair. a different aspect; take the proscar, cut it into quarters with a sharp knife. instead of 1mg, have propecia, such as 4 nurballs of 1.25mg. proscar is around 15 liras, propecia is around 100 liras. well; 15/4=3.75 lira vs 100 lira. moreover, both are original production. the choice is yours.


about ; medicine with prophecies of hair up and down


as someone who has used it for 2 years, i have seen its excellent benefit..the drug i stopped because i was worried about its side effects due to the estimated psychological conditioning..use it if you are comfortable, but what if the said side effects are real..manhood is more important than hair..youths are more important than hair. .to tell me..