proluton depot

proluton depot

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this is the medicine i was looking for for a friend of mine who needs to be injected once in 5 days. surgerypasa, we asked the anchor sides but unfortunately we couldn't find it. we have informed the spouse and friend, the feedback is negative. my friend has low risk. i ask the authors who can help us find the drug to green it up.


hormone made to protect pregnancy in case of miscarriage risk after pregnancy occurs, progesterone.


the drug used in my second pregnancy to strengthen the place where the little baby is standing. it's the needle that makes me forget my needle phobia that has existed since childhood. at the same time (what does maternity make people do), there is nothing to exaggerate, the only problem is that it starts to hurt about a day after it happens.


if anyone knows where we can get this medicine, it will make many people very happy if it greens it.


the medicine we are looking for is burned together. there is no equivalent, the worst thing is, there is no one in the market. the depots were empty months ago and we seriously need this medicine now. there is only 5 months of pregnancy and it is necessary to use this needle at intervals of three to four days until delivery. i am looking for pharmacies where i can find this medicine for eskişehir, afyon, kütahya, bursa, ankara and istanbul. pharmaceutical warehouses cannot help, the solution is to ask all pharmacies one by one and get the one that comes across. i'm just a message away from anyone who has or can help us find it.


a drug that is given to pregnant women who are at risk of bleeding or premature birth, usually from the hip once a week. it has the feature of reducing contractions and increasing the chance of the baby holding in the womb. it is extremely painful, the place still burns the next day after doing it, but it works just as well.


you can get the medicine from the website below. based in india but no problem. we have 5 proluton depot available. green the needy.


it hurts. i say it's over, it's time to hop. luckily it works.