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the game where i couldn't solve the tool use thing. i mean, i have a lot of cans and a lot of can openers, but i couldn't open the tin can. make a green la :(


i'm not playing the game because i'm going to die. come on, think about it. i think it's the best game among indie games. undisputed. i wish it was improved a little. i don't know how many water and electricity went out today. i planted a field. i'm waiting for them. i fill my stomach with chips. i couldn't find the ax. big trouble o.


survivor game with nice atmosphere and gameplay. weapon option etc. for now. quite a few. i think it will increase over time.


if you want to live a thousand days, if you can't find a saw, you are nothing. in short, the aim of the game is to find the chainsaw. did i find it till now well, no.


the game i downloaded and played with a friend 2 days ago, we lived for 17 days on the vanilla server and died 3 son-of-a-bitches bandites. those who want to play together, please green them.


zombie survival is the game that offers the most realistic survival experience in the abundance of games. it promises a long-term gameplay with continuous updates and future innovations. a clear reflection of the features we chose while creating the character in the game , developing skills by reading books , the possibility of dying from even a small zombie bite , realistic treatments of bites , bleeding and diseases are some of the features i like the most .