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there must be a proforma invoice written on it.. these are the invoices for preliminary information purposes, in the form of a price offer, containing the product type, quantity, estimated price, sales conditions, etc. for example, the seller writes 25 usd for 686 m/b, you do not accept, you negotiate 20 you set the price in usd so that the proforma invoice task is completed.. the next task is now yours (see original invoice) ..


although it is used in the taste of contract, it is not correct. contract is essential.


the type of invoice that may change slightly later on. the customer changes the date of shipment, divides the amount to be loaded by months, changes the dimensions of the goods. afterwards, the payment terms are understood again, the letter of credit changes, and an endless phone traffic continues.


in short, it is an invoice-like piece of paper containing the final price offer. if you accept, you send back the signatures, the paper serves its purpose, the sale is completed, the payments etc are made and you buy something.


invoices that are not subject to the document printing procedures determined by the ministry of finance and are mostly used for foreign trade transactions and for investment investments to be made within the framework of incentive legislation.


invoice: it is a commercial document given to the customer by the merchant who sells the commodity or does the business to show the amount owed by the customer in return for the goods sold or the work done. a proforma invoice is a document issued by the seller on behalf of the buyer and showing all the details of the agreement. however, proforma invoice is not a mandatory document to be issued in accordance with the provisions of the tax procedure law.


it provides reconciliation because it includes information such as the content of the work, when and how it will happen -as it should be. for those who know how to read, it is actually a document that reveals the 70% profile of the company that sent it. it's not easy to trust a company that can't prepare it properly and get a job-advance.


binding is limited. letter of credit or contract is required.

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