professional deformation

professional deformation

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believing in search i think opening a second thread with the same answers. (see: the terminology of the word shit in the professions)


in the past, when you did not communicate with the guest children as much as possible, what grade are you in, what grade are you in, what school are you in?, how are the grades?, which department will you choose?, what are you doing from the exams? the deformation i felt in my veins with my peculiarities like i'm going to take paper and pencil written attendance. the day before they came to us, the children started to study at home now, in case the pile asks questions.


losing various parts of the machine while doing work.


an example of a situation where a graphic artist of years trying to undo his mistake by making the gesture of pressing ctrl+z unintentionally with his hands after cutting his face while shaving.


the situation where the work done gets into the life more than necessary over time.. the reason for saying "share your cooktop" and being treated like an alien who escaped from nasa in the environments..


for coders, obsessed with powers of 2... perceiving powers of 2 as round much so that they wonder why today's titles are limited to a fractional number like 50 and not 64.


the situation that prevented the editor or the editorial crew from communicating in writing: - i missed you too, my dear - oh my dear, for god's sake, my "de" meaning "even" separately, my hairs stand up - goddamn versi sukru. what am i saying, what are you saying? you don't love me!


if the jewelry is put in the basket at the wedding you attend, and you, as a lawyer, think to yourself, "i wish there was an old-fashioned jewelry ceremony, now they are right in the division of property"; may allah do as he knows you. this is what happens if everyone tells the lawyer a story of divorce at the wedding. (see #37309446) they ate me up. the experts are really struggling too, but ya.