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the best part of probation is that you followed the devil and committed a crime. the crime was fixed, you were punished, it was committed to your record, etc. then you went to the negotiations, became the master, took the sentence and you didn't have any incident in five years. at the end of these five years, your criminal record is cleared. the government is doing its best for you. the system has serious flaws, but you become a white spoon out of milk, if you really become a master.


five years is the penalty for being a good boy, it will be quite harmful in the long run as it takes the hassle out of going to jail. it is inevitable to build larger prisons, where even probation will not save the state of prisons.


its roots in the 17th century. the measure we can find in the institution called benefit of clergy in england. it is obvious that it is not easy to speak clearly about its legal nature and to call it a security measure, punishment or execution regime, but it is clear that it will add a lot to the society when properly implemented. especially if it is implemented in a way that prevents juvenile offenders from turning into crime machines under prison conditions, its social benefits will emerge much more clearly.


like what i'm probably going to be sentenced to in a few weeks. yahu friend, theft, extortion, harassment, rape, force, domination etc. i mean, as a person who does not harm a person or institution other than myself as much as a needle tip, i am dragged into this disgrace because i drank something that came out of the ground.

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