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it is the cinema where we cannot watch a movie because of the rustling of the packaging. you're selling chips, crackers, etc. or whatever you have made of nylon, you made our movie fun. if you sell popcorn etc. in cardboard and paper, can't you get enough?


the 7th hall in ankara kentpark is disgusting. other halls are not bad, but go to watch a movie in this 7th hall* and watch horse races on 37-screen tv in the neighborhood cafe.


the cinema that stubbornly doesn't turn on the vents and causes you to evaporate. hope you sink!


(see: kentpark prestige cinemas/@fellini)


the business is bullshit by selling glasses for 2 liras like selling corn on ticket money. moreover, they do not warn like "you must wear glasses in this movie". if we hadn't seen it from others, we wouldn't have known until the movie started.


the reopened one in bilkent is very nice.


cinema chain where your watching a movie depends on having enough viewers to watch that movie. i took a taxi for the 22:00 session on october 18 and went to the cinema. they said "there is no other audience to watch, so we can't sell you tickets" and did not take them to the cinema. i didn't know whether i should support the taxi money i gave, whether i should stay at the cinema gates at one hour of the night, or not go to another chain's cinema two kilometers away in the first place.