presidential system

presidential system

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the form of government to be put into practice by recep tayyip erdogan, who seems not to be satisfied with the presidency. pre-public opinion creation studies have started. good luck.


the regime that will be implemented seven years from now, if everything goes as planned in the country, unless otherwise or the wind does not come into question. yes you guessed right.


it is certain that if the country goes to a referendum somehow, it will be accepted. what does the man who voted for recep tayyip erdogan and made him prime minister know how to live, how to execute, how to judge, what is the separation of powers? he knows recep tayyip, he goes and votes tayyip again. that's the real issue.


it is one of the representative regime tours. forces are splitting sharply. the only application area of this regime in its classical form until today is the usa . that's why we talk about the presidential regime, not the presidential regimes. south american countries also tried to implement this regime, but failed because their societies did not reach democratic maturity. that's why the regimes in this country are also called presidential regimes .