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english abbreviation that i use in a sentence. "as a result of an incredible pr work, hede hodo ..." what the hell is this!


not only the employees of today's marketing department; irrelevantly, it has become a rosewood for languages in contemporary life as well. come on guys we say pr.. i'm shooting..!!! i took it.. ahaha look, your height is 10 cm. but still the arrow is passed alone. because if you say ok instead of ok, your lips get a full wet look. especially when you get angry, say fuck off; there is a state of being cool or it is at the ceiling. well, i am the liar of those who say it. (bkz: the mentality that uses english words instead of the)


it is one of the words that employees in today's marketing (pardon marketing :))) department keep on their tongues. however, we call it public relations in short in our beautiful the, but because the word "public" is a banal word for "marketing" friends, it spoils them :) and their "pr meeting" " is also famous. the meeting they call it is the meeting with the advertising agency and the customer, but anyway :))


public relations, short for public relations...


it is a kind of marketing activity that can make the ugliest product and even the lousiest person seem magnificent with its systematic and planned structure.


the marketing function of the surplus that has no relation to either the public or the public. if there isn't one, it's a blueberry based on celebrities that money and money can buy. (bkz: eat your grapes and don't ask for your vineyard)


x. permanent resident replaced the concept of landed immigrant in canada in the early 2000s.


basically means (see donkey's cock). let me write the english abbreviation of the nation international policy expert sans.

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