potassium permanganate

potassium permanganate

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chemical that i drank too much of its diluted form and did not die when i was only 4 years old. we still don't understand how i survived... (bkz: i see dead people)


it is also sold in boxes as purple crystals, but it would be good to get the solution if possible, so you don't have to dilute it like 1/10 000, 1/1000. in case you have to prepare a 1/1000 solution from the crystal, you can dilute it 1/10 in a small bowl and then dilute this liquid again to 1/100.


when you add it to water, it dissolves and gives a purple color to the water. when we suspected an epidemic in corporate kitchens, we used it on vegetables and fruits. it is very effective. leaves slight pale marks on the skin. .


also known as alkene separator.


compound where manganese has a value of +7.


accelerates the removal of the "excess" oxygen of hydrogen peroxide*, such as manganese dioxide. this cheap* alternative was learned from the pharmacist uncle, who later became a best friend, who asked him, "what's wrong with you when you ask him for manganese dioxide?" potassium permanganate is written in the local language as ganganate, eg: "put more ganganate. run away, run!" if the active substance in a drug in the form of a two-piece capsule is removed and replaced with ganache, it is possible to save time.******


it can create an exothermic reaction with glycerin, allowing you to light a fire without using matches. its chemical equation would be: 14kmno4 + 4c3h5(oh)3 --> 7k2co3 + 7mn2o3 + 5co2 + 16h2o