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while the domain is open, the domain for some reason has joined the caravan of sites that are banned in the country and can be accessed with a vpn (see #99686378)


site of the years that has solved its problem with cloudflare. open guys since 2004.


the photos on the site are accessible only. let those who share https to those who share http convert to http.


i think it exploded. pictures are not available.


image upload site that has stopped all services except dns by cloudflare for abusing their system. although the site uses cloudflare's cheapest payment plan, cloudflare expressed its unhappiness when there was more than 1.8 petabytes of traffic in the last 30 days. their fees, which are normally $200 per month, were increased by cloudflare to $1000 and then to $12k. as a result, the photos uploaded to the system cannot be accessed at the moment and this will probably cause the site to be closed.

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