portrait of a young girl on fire

portrait of a young girl on fire

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it is an incredibly impressive film that i could only get out of 2 hours after the movie was over, approaching the nirvana of cinematography.


what remained to me from the movie was something like this: how do you decide that the picture is finished? it doesn't end...you stop at some point.


it was the best romance movie i've ever seen. the process of drawing a portrait painting presented us with beautiful images, as if enormous pictures were drawn in every frame. the harmony of adele haenel and noemie merlant and luana bajrami, which i watched in the short film after school, was such a beautiful union that it makes me think that it would be nice if they were always together throughout the movie. i think the movie made by celine sciamman in 2019, which i have not seen any of her movies before, is also above the imdb score. --- spoiler --- 28 --- spoiler ---


the clarity of love, the clarity of the images, the originality of the story drew me in. we watched once again that touching the heart has nothing to do with gender, but that love has a very different chemistry. the detail of page 28 hurt me. nice movie, must watch.


liked the title and the movie a lot. each frame is planned as if it were a painting. it tells the story of a female artist's love for a female model. the event takes place in the 18th century. a love that will be hard to live according to its time... even today... people go abroad to realize themselves. while watching the movie, from time to time i ask myself "are you homophobic or what?" said. after all, we've grown conservative...


"i'm not imagining you, i'm thinking" that is; if i dreamed i would have created something that is not you, i would fantasize with your image, but i know what you are and i think about the states i see, i re-imagine them, i remember. something like this i guess...