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a shopping site that made you hate yourself with a commercial about a woman who lost her mind because she bought a dress with a three cents discount.


it has been said of course, but i don't see any harm in saying it again, the website is pretty bad. since months, you click on this.bi product link, hop homepage opens, examine the product in detail, say, hop, is there another campaign page for you. i mean, when you want to buy a dress, think that the seller gave you a drill, such a ridiculous situation. i swear you didn't make me shop with your mouth. this is your shop, your bread maker. take care. the customer can't reach the product, is there any more?


it is the site that can download a belkin brand bag from 80 lira to 94.90 lira. super i think


whatever it is, i ordered a shoe from here at the beginning of summer, i kept the scale wide, i said i guess we will wear it in the middle of summer, august has come and gone; i say good luck to the next summer; such a site. stay away, correct description.


you order, you pay 7 tl for shipping; cargo arrives at home, you see, it says 2.15 tl on the domestic cargo invoice. this is what porto is for me. still, if you say "i want to win you a check bro"; http://www.limango.com.tr/…r=qwertyqwer@hotmail.com


this is the site where i sent an e-mail to info@limango.com.tr and asked how much last time you would leave the customer database.


a shopping site that sent me a shoe that has nothing to do with the order i placed (it just keeps the size). be you, be careful. the issue is not the dissatisfaction of the lexicographers. correction for a lesson: the shoes i ordered, the shoes i received

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