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it's a movie watching thing that can be downloaded here. it downloads the movie via torrent, and allows you to watch it at the same time as you download it. you don't have to worry about searching for subtitles. awesome tool. edit: link. edit 2: the link has changed like this. thanks to hiro nakamura.


one of the most important inventions of the century after anonymox. the man who finds this won't go to heaven, am i going to go though.


oh it was bought by netflix. * https://blog.popcorntime.io/…e-now-part-of-netflix/ ** olm, today is april 1st. don't jump into everything like a carp.


subtitle problem solution expands; open the downloaded subtitle with notepad, say save as, put the file name for example sincity02.srt, choose the recording type as all files, save the encoding as utf-8. get well soon, the character problem is gone.


when i remember the days when i abstained from eating and bought a cd from the cd on the zincirlikuyu bridge, or the days when i buried $30 to watch rambo 1 on cd, even in chinese, it is state-of-the-art that caused me to be referred to young people as a very good generation.