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wearable oil.


adidas and nike heavily use this material in their products and then sell it at horrendous numbers. what does it mean to sell a 100% polyester product for 400 lira


it is a filthy fabric and should be avoided. normally i buy my clothes by looking at them and stay away. i wore a t-shirt that i bought without paying attention to the polyester passing by while doing sports. after 5 minutes on the treadmill, i started to say what's wrong, i started to say what's wrong with it. and i looked at the t-shirt, yes you know! 100% polyester don't mind


i looked at a market like this and i think you should get used to it, we wear polyester now. now they sell 99% polyester blouses for 100 liras, there is no alternative. get well soon now that we're going to wear oil, i want to go straight to latex. i at least have a sexy vibe.


yes, lick. especially if you are in the south, in a hot country, clothes made of this infamous material will make you smell like stink. read the label of the thing you love to look at. there is such a thing as cotton. pretend. you broke the stone of our nose, that's enough. give me 10 lira more, friend. consciousness or little consciousness


it is generally used in skirts, jackets and trousers at a rate of 67%. as the rate decreases, the ironing problem of the fabric will increase.


ester in polymer form. the name of a useful chemical substance used as a film coating material, fiber jacket, fleece, etc.

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