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brother, you are a thought,
what remains is flesh and bone,
you will smile, you will be a rose,
you think thorns, you become thorns,


it is not recommended to be played in some places. in fact, it is pointless to play pollyannism all the time.
let's give an example of the situation of those who pulled their shit out:

-but we're dead, i told you to be so careful.
-we have died master, but we became angels in the sight of god.


it is my way of holding on to life in a way i don't know how. it is a game, everyone wins.


it is definitely the definition of gg.

-look what i found on the floor, cucumber, let's put it in our ass ..


life philosophy of people who generally belong to sagittarius


it is also called the game of happiness in psychology. polyannism is one's learning a good lesson on an evil incident.
eg: saying "what a lesson this was a lesson to me for the next time".

the issue that i interpret as synthetic happiness. the ability to know how to be happy with what you have. however, it is the choice that can make people more unhappy than happy over time.
the deformation of positive thinking power. (see: taking your shit out)

if our ceiling collapses, we have a floor, no problem. continue


oscillating aimlessly in a game of artificial happiness. outputting continuously accepted inputs without competently distilling them. wandering around like a live bomb ready to explode at any moment thanks to the accumulations inside ..


it means seeing the full side of the glass, not the empty side.


a form of criticism. protest and irony fishing.


a game that harms the person when exaggerated ..


if viewed from the appropriate point of view, all of us are of a kind of polyannism ...


the courier was extremely happy to forget to bring the potato while he was thinking "i wish there were no potatoes on the menu, i will not eat it".

yes, my pollianism is that shallow.


don't close your eyes to the filthy facts of life and make yourself believe they're not there. (see: korluk)


a way of thinking that can be applied in order not to get mad in so many troubles and troubles.

(see: there is a no)


when no one around you likes the new color of your hair, and even a person who says 'it was okay' even if politely does not come out, it is to be glad that people are so frank and honest.


i'm unhappy, but being happy is not everyone's money.

i'll be cheerful too!



-it could be worse. a woman could cut her out of the car window while you were sleeping.

sound familiar, this line?

the point of view put forward by tyler in the movie fight club.


a defense mechanism. we can say that the person believes that the event may have positive sides even after all the disasters that have happened and expresses these positive aspects.

for example: a man whose house was burned down, at least saying that we were warmed up. joke is a joke if he says so, the trouble is big but it is reasonable to say "let goods come to life".

someone who lost one leg in a traffic accident saying "at least my other leg is right" or "both of my arms are intact".

the best example is that everything will be very good, at least we are alive, this is something and brother. **


the game played by people who try to look at everything in a good way, also known as the "game of happiness", after a while it is said that men who play polyannism go crazy, but are there people who do not go crazy, although they do not play polyannism?