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polling rate

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the technical term denoted by hz (hertz) in mice. shows how often information is exchanged between the mouse and the computer. that is, the response time of the cursor that appears on the computer screen every time you move the mouse. when a 125 hz mouse is moved, the computer detects that movement with a delay of 8 milliseconds. for now, the lowest is 100 hz, most of the ones used in the market are 125 hz. something different from dpi as a term. edit: thanks to archvile.


it is the second-to-second reporting value for mice. this feature is especially noted in gaming mice. if your mouse has a quality sensor, it is most logical to use 1000hz. the delay times are as follows; 1000hz = 1ms (faster response/worse mouse control) 500hz = 2ms (slower response/better mouse control) and then 250hz-125hz goes to the old wheel mice.