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the first movie i watched in the cinema. i looked on imdb, now it was released in 1996 in the country. it is the first semester break of the first school year. i went with my mother, i loved it very much. then i bought your books. then i exaggerated and bought a brown fabric dress. but it wasn't like in the movie, it was a normal dress. ahasdsf a few months after i watched it, i learned the main story and cried a lot. i was very upset, but it's over now. partially.


an incorrectly transferred walt disney cartoon, john smith is not such an angelic man or anything, they did not have a love affair with pocahontas, he did not try to save the indians, and pocahontas married another englishman.


there was a cartoon about this in my childhood years, in the mid-90s. hah, there was a music player during the opening credits of that beautiful cartoon. unfortunately, i can't find it even though i've searched many sites. i only come across pocahontas's walt disney movie and soundtrack that has been listened to a million times, and it drives me crazy. i wonder if i was watching something else?


the name pronounced as pokahontes by many strange people..


a traitor, in today's terms, aestheticized by walt disney, for selling his family of indians and helping a white person.