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its beak looks oddly makeshift. it looks like it will come off if i pull it out. it looks like it can be replaced with a spare or a new one. of course, it may seem that way to me.


when the staff first discovered this, they were brooding about whether it was a mammal or a bird, but when the australian natives said "brother, they only lay eggs", they did not believe it, saying "the midwife is ali sami". years later, when they discovered this fact for themselves, they became "righteous". edit: the egg thing was discovered 80-odd years later, hööööh.


(bkz: the platypus is upset with the mountain, what did the mountain platypus say)


an unidentified creature whose ass, head and body looks like a collage cut from separate creatures. in ray bradbury's tale of "fire balloons" in the martian annals and picture-man books, two priests debate whether god has a sense of humor, "i never thought god liked to joke," says one. the other one says, "are you kidding? we're talking about the god who created the platypus."


if they say tapir or platypus, i would say platypus... why? there is strength in its name, your tongue stretches like a bow when you say it, and it is an enigmatic animal that can make you talk like "neither my duck nor the otter"


it is also called the duck-billed platypus. the creature made me shiver when i thought of the possibility that a duck and an otter might have had group sex with a beaver, along with a beaver.


it is one of the two creatures in the world that are both mammals and reproduce by laying eggs, and its type is as strange as its name.

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