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his real name is aristocles, which was his grandfather's name, as was customary at that time. they say that his physical education teacher gave him the name plato. that is, "platus" means "broad, broad-shouldered" in greek. it is a little unknown whether his teacher gave him this name because of his strong physique, the clarity of his ideas, or the width of his forehead.


on the door of the school he opened, he wrote "no one who does not know mathematics can enter".


"power should be given to those who are not obsessed with power and do not need the benefits that will come from power."


"follow the man who says (understands) that he knows nothing. the man who says he knows something is on the wrong track."


"the inevitable result awaiting intellectuals who are not interested in politics is to be led by the ignorant." *



"the fundamental principle of democracy is the sovereignty of the people. but in order for the nation to be able to choose those to govern it well, it is essential that they be adults and well-educated. if this cannot be achieved, democracy may pass into autocracy."


“dictatorship, by its very nature, arises from democracy. the most severe form of slavery is from advanced freedom.”

plato / state


according to plato we are born with ideas in our head, ideas are perfect in our head and the conceptual ones we know are only reflections of them, plato likens this place to a cave and says that we only see the shadows of these ideas falling on the wall, not our body but our soul belongs here...