plastic arts

plastic arts

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work of making plastic basins and buckets. (see inflatable arts)


painting, sculpture, etc. created with materials that can be molded and shaped (by using materials such as paint, clay, plaster). is the general name given to all branches of art.


(see: ajda pekkan)


the general name given to arts that are accepted as three-dimensional, such as painting-sculpture, kneaded arts.


this is the only plastic to buy.


an elective course at hacettepe university. my advice is don't wait until 3rd grade to take this course, like me, it is one of the rare courses that can make you feel like you are in university.


think it is one of the taboo subjects in my country. no one can criticize plastic artworks negatively, probably because they are afraid of being labeled as "ignorant". however, if we know that such and such a movie is boring, this author is suffocating, this song is very gummy, i may not like the man who puts his excrement in a tin can, supposedly as an alternative. but my homeland's elite intellectuals do not go beyond satisfying their egos behind the lines of "hmmm very marginal".


for one of the best examples (see: nicki minaj)