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it is a program that produces a higher similarity rate than turnitine. i really don't understand why turnit is not getting. it is certain that it is a program that will tire graduate students quite a lot. edit: spelling


plagiarism is a huge problem for academia, especially for countries like us that do not produce new things. much of the academic production is in the form of copy, modify and do. i am not hopeful at all for this new system. i will continue to use similar ones.


yök's new system, which contains a lot of typos.* (see direct)*


a piece of software. unfortunately. it shows even university and department names as plagiarism, think about the rest... we can even make this match on google with copy-paste scans. now, in which international media will the reports received from here be accepted? i'm amazed!


scan thing that gives a warning like "your university is not a member of the system" when you try to become a member. i need to upload book chapter, but it wants to scan with i get a warning like this when i try to sign up. my university uses turnitin, what should i do, should i resign, because they don't use "domestic and national". let's do something right, this is neither a diet nor sauerkraut.


it says that it is necessary to be local and national on the web and therefore it is necessary to buy this program - to entrust the state to it, and on the page about it, it is stated that plagiarism is a crime, which prompts us to use the program, but does it scan in english, how much does it cost, has its reliability been tested by independent institutions? , plagiarism program that i can not find information on which sources it is scanning (there is a phrase called thousands).


a site that does not have the ability to bulk upload or bulk delete files. very interesting, it only makes things harder.

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