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one of the best movies i've ever seen in my life. people like aamir khan shoulder the honor of thinking, producing and art in our age. unfortunately very few. beyond what he tells, the way he tells it, his sensitivity is worthy of appreciation. anyone can ask the right question, but to ask that question so gracefully that anyone will tolerate listening, that is undoubtedly a skill. don't die without watching.


the movie that criticizes people's worship of people instead of god very well. the world would be a much better place if they showed it to all schools in the middle east.


it is an indian movie known to be in the comedy genre, which will be released in december 2014, starring aamir khan and anushka sharma. it was already known that aamir khan would play an alien, but since the poster went online, the "not muslim" style has been receiving incredibly plausible and logical criticism. i'm sure only our country is doing this. because it is unique to us to criticize a style that an actor/director tried for the first time without knowing anything and without seeing a gram of footage from the movie.


the character of tapasvi in the movie has the truth in our country. (see: tall man)


it is a movie from india that says goodbye with a big smile on the mouth. i think this movie should be watched by all children at secondary school level.


an impressive and thought provoking movie. if you have a chance, watch it. it has been proven again with this movie that aamir khan's movies are competing with each other, crushing each other.


--- spoiler --- bad spoiler look if you haven't watched the read. the person peekay called my brother, who died in the bombing at the train station, was punished for supporting and helping the 1993 bombay bombings by muslims, the movie was shot.