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before the last hikes, the price was 8 or 8.50 tl and it was 10 tl. i realized yesterday that the raise has come again, it has been 11 tl. i wonder why?


cigarettes that started to be sold on a101. cigarettes have a chocolate smell but no taste. it's like a rolling cigarette, the smoke doesn't come off when you take it. the price is also 8 tl. it came across today, i saw it in one of them, i bought it, i tried it, but i didn't like it. description: cigarette, which is not a price/performance product despite the 8 tl price that started to be sold on a101.


we can say that adıyaman medium smoke quality tobacco is blended with cocoa and coffee aromas. although tar: 10 mg, nicotine: 0.7 mg and carbon monoxide: 10 mg are included in their values, the rolled tobacco maintains its quality. the slightly burnt cocoa and coffee mixture that comes from the moment you take the filter to your mouth also protects your mouth against the pressed state of tobacco before drinking. in short, they made a nice cigarette.


it is a pleasant cigarette that smells like chocolate, which i bought because it was cheap after the last cigarette price hike. tar 10 mg nicotine 0.7 mg carbon monoxide 10 mg compared to these ratios, it is not bitter and compelling to drink. let's see if it can be used for a long time. for now, it's a good taste for 9tl.