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in levent kirca's classic iski sketch, the sentence he uttered while calling iski on the phone as a result of the water being cut off while he was in the bathroom with soap: "i'm stuck in the middle like a pharaoh!"


if you kill the pharaoh, you become the pharaoh. the way to be without a pharaoh is to leave him.


the name of the kings who were considered the sons of ra in the ancient egyptian kingdom. according to a rumor, god commanded that the corpse of the pharaoh, who thought he was a god, would never decompose. and recently the body of pharaoh was found in prostration, in such a way that it did not decompose. i don't know the original.


to all the projects before the "mesopotamia 2550 bc" project "this is not this, this is not at all. i want something different, this is not this, this is ordinary. you don't understand me, i want people to be calm and not be able to solve the mystery." said the king.


pharaohs do not live in pyramids, no one can live in pyramids.. pyramids were built for archaeological observation and to show the greatness of the pharaoh........ the pharaoh lives in his palace in the capital city..!


the word grandfather uses for his grandchildren..


a proverb says; they said to the pharaoh why you became a pharaoh, he said no one stood in front of me.