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peugeot 301

window control knobs lined up around the gear, wow me wow. And if you put a slide radio-tape, it will be perfect.


peugeot 301

I've been using it temporarily for a month. It has three very good features: spacious cabin, powerful diesel engine and comfortable suspension. The minuses are poor material quality, poor handling, and a senseless, feedbackless, non-communicative steering wheel. A brand new car that I drive. I will deliver soon. This corresponds to a very good rate of 5.4 liters per 100 kilometers. This side proved to me that driving a diesel car is wise.


peugeot 301

It is not a tool that should be avoided. Are you riding a bentley or a maserati or something? If you don't have a citizen like that, it's too much fun for the country.

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