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marvel character that i don't think anyone can bring to life except toby maguire. especially the element in the last avengers movie didn't quite match the movie, it remained soft.


this is a person who works in a newspaper (see daily bugle) like most other superheroes. unfortunately, besides being a superhero, something happens to whomever he throws his hand at, that person's life and therefore his own life is ruined. not to mention that he knows chemistry and mathematics at a good level. the version (see: hakan peker)


remember now, when i was little, i used to read your name as it was written. i even had the children in the neighborhood adopt this pronunciation. "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a soul for a soul, peter parker!" we were 8-10 year olds running around. we were bright stars then.


it is the visible part of the normal life of a superhero that stan lee takes for the first time, who is introverted, unpopular, intelligent and from the community. when lee drew it for the first time, he was brushed by his bosses to see if he would be an introverted superhero. but when he was loved so much, the sequel came. he is a superhero both as peter parker and as spiderman. i still have old spiderman episodes on my computer and i'm still watching....


he is the ideal man as he is in the old issues of the amazing spider man and in the 1994 animated series. we are especially addicted to hairstyle and hair color. on top of that, he is smart, witty, curious, thoughtful and has a very sympathetic state of constant bewilderment. i pass him alone in the comic book world:…bi/s1600/peter parker.jpg whereas in spider man movies he is portrayed by all the loser actors.


they become the most amazing character created by others on the land of the world..


i have just learned the answer to the question of "why am i living with my uncle and auntie, what happened to this man's parents", which stuck in my head for a long time and some nights did not sleep, i am obliged to write. they died in the plane crash.


he went to paris on one of his adventures, when he was beaten by the superhödödo there, he said "i can be in chemistry class at school instead of being here" :)