pet a dog at home

pet a dog at home

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living with someone who runs ahead of you to all the sounds in the house (phone/door/click/squeak) but can't do anything about them. you ran that far, knocking down the tables or something, at least open the door, right? none.


after a while you forget that there is a dog in the house. he is now either human or something cleaner than human. prolongs life, makes life love. he hates the hypocrisy of people outside, when he comes home, he looks at his pure eyes and says, "are you a human or a different organism?" you say. for some it's a scratching, for some it's a perfect love.


is to live with the creature that walks around with an invisible "keep calm and love me" sign on it.


it means having someone who shows you the love that no one in the family shows when you wake up every morning and leave your room and when you come home tired in the evening... * when the whole family gathers in a huge bed on sunday mornings, with great joy, he thinks that he has to go to bed, even though he knows it is forbidden, and flies away. means feeding a love butterfly that dives and makes everyone jump with its wet nose...


anyone who says this is haram cannot enter my house.

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