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although it is called sleep, it is a drug that cannot achieve this in a 10-month-old allergic baby. even the doctor was surprised yaw !


despite many allergy pills and it is generally said to make them sleepy, even these really healthy bodies are enslaved to sleep. i know that half an hour after taking it, i passed out, i was dreaming, i was stuck in the chair as if i had slept for forty years.


not for everyone. especially there is a 2 mg version of it called zaditen sro. he sleeps 18 hours every day for a week. perfect for those who have a sleeping cat at home alone. i am happy to have come so close to his level of living. snuggle up, what other creature can withstand 18 hours of sleep?


the drug that i drank a little one yesterday afternoon and that will lift my eyelids for 24 hours, which does not leave me tired.


drug that cuts coughing but causes insomnia when used in babies.


a drug that neither syrup nor tablet is effective in people with advanced allergies.


if you don't understand what "something like death happened but nobody died", or if you want to understand it in the straightest way possible, this is what you have to experience. it's possible to sleep forever by drinking a tablet of this as you wake up. so much so that sometimes i think it's better if i suffer from allergies.


(see: allergic rhinitis)